Easter Sugar Cookies

With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to make some Easter-themed cookies a little early. Partly because I was super excited to try this rich, chocolatey sugar cookie recipe, and also by request from the director of my dance school (she loved the kilt sugar cookies and has requested both kilts and Easter cookies!).

It’s important to note that this recipe yields a strong chocolate flavour, but it’s not a super sweet cookie. Equal parts sugar and cocoa powder produce a very rich cookie that balances the sweetness of the Royal icing. If you are a chocolate fan who likes some balance in your desserts, then you’ll love this cookie. However, if you have a sweet tooth and like your cookies as sweet as they can get, then this cookie might not be for you. If you’re interested in ordering but prefer a sweeter cookie, please let me know. I’ll be testing some other recipes with a higher sugar content in future, and I’m happy to accommodate different flavour preferences.

With that said, let’s talk more about the decoration. These cookies come in four pastel colours: green, pink, yellow, and purple. There are two main styles. The first is fully royal icing with a two-colour pattern (see the polka dotted cookies on the left below for an example).


The second option adds even more chocolate, so this is the option for you if you’re a hardcore chocolate fan. In addition to the Royal icing, you’ll get an Easter-themed chocolate on top of your cookie (see the cookies in the bottom V below).


My parents gave me this Easter-themed chocolate mold years ago, so I believe a belated “thanks mom” is in order, because chocolate is one of my favourite dessert items and these molds have allowed me to put even more chocolate on an already perfectly chocolate cookie. Plus, you can also request a chocolate border for your cookie if you are feeling a strong chocolate craving!

There are three chocolate shapes available: an Easter egg, a hatching chicken (both of which fit on a 4″ cookie), and a bunny (which can be accommodated by a 4.5″ cookie).

There is one other option, which adds a little extra sweetness to these cookies, and that’s a layer of coloured sugar on top of the Royal icing. You can request this in a contrasting colour to the Royal icing, or in a similar shade to compliment the icing. This adds a nice crunchy texture, and serves as another offset to the rich chocolate of the cookie.

So there you have it: rich, decadent chocolate sugar cookies. If you are a fan of a deep chocolate flavour with just a hint of sweetness, then these cookies are the perfect Easter treat for you.


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