Dulce de Leche Ombre Cake

I’ve done an ombre in the past using a shell pattern, but I’ve been meaning to try a smooth ombre pattern, where the ombre is produced by piping on three shades, and then the sides are smoothed over, as you can see in the picture below:


This design was easier than I’d anticipated. All I had to do was put my three shades in a piping bag and spin my cake stand to distribute them around the edges:


It didn’t look like much at first, but once it was smoothed out I really loved the look. It’s very simple and it’s a great backdrop for an overloaded top.

I had some leftover dulce de leche and Rolos from my chocolate dream cake, so I decided to use up as much as possible in this cake.

The cake layers are a popular devil’s food cake. I piped an icing border on the bottom layer, then filled the center with dulce de leche:


Doesn’t that look gooey and delicious? I love the thought of cutting into the cake and having the dulce de leche just ooze out of the slice. I barely needed to put more work into this cake at this point, since I knew it would already taste amazing. But since this was a test cake, I wanted to take the opportunity to really get into the decorating and work on making the cake look as awesome as it tastes.

For the top, I had some more leftovers from my last cake, so I sprinkled a ring of chopped chocolate around the edge and topped with some more dulce de leche. I had just enough chocolate fudge frosting left over to pipe eight stars around the border. To top it off, I placed a full Rolo on each star:


At this point, the cake could have been finished, but I figured more caramel is never a bad thing, so I drizzled some more dulce de leche on top of the Rolos to finish it off.


I think if I do this cake again, the only thing I’d change would be to pipe a more interesting pattern on top with the caramel. I’m not sure I like the look of the stripes as much as I thought I would; I might try a more random pattern next time and try to fill more of the cake as well, as there’s quite a lot of plain buttercream on the top.



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