Dream Cake 2.0

My first dream cake was a success, despite some rough patches with the design. I gave it to a friend for her boyfriend’s birthday, and his parents asked me to make a larger version for his birthday party this weekend.

I wanted to post this cake because, although it’s not much different from the 6″ version, I think it’s done with a little more finesse. This was exactly why I wanted to make the 6″ test cakes, to work out the kinks in different designs and learn what I need to change for the next time.

I scaled up the original cake to a two layer 9″ version. The only tweak I made to the recipe itself was to mix some chopped rolos into the buttercream that I spread in between the cake layers. I bought a package of mini rolos for this cake so I put in extra rolos where I could.

The drip on this cake ended up a little shorter than I’d like, because I poured on the fudge sauce right after taking the cake out of the fridge and the cold cake caused the fudge sauce to start to set right away. On the bright side, however, this meant I didn’t have the same catastrophe as with the previous cake, where my fudge sauce slid down the sides and pulled my buttercream decorations with it.


Still, I learned my lesson from last time, and let the cake sit in the fridge for about 10 minutes after speaking on the fudge sauce, so the top was set before I went to pipe on the buttercream.

Because this was a larger cake, I piped on 12 stars instead of 8 to give a more complete circle, and I placed a mini rolo on top of each star to finish off the look.


All in all, it’s fairly similar to the 6″ version, but I think the execution is much neater on this cake. All of the elements of this cake are delicious (I’ve been snacking since I finished decorating), but I imagine they’re even better combined: the chocolate cake, the caramel, the sweetened condensed milk, the chocolate buttercream, the fudge sauce, and the rolo chunks sprinkled throughout – that’s a lot of flavours in every slice of cake!



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