Galaxy and Latte Art Cookies

I wanted to play around with some more decorating techniques, so I took these two designs from SweetAmbs on Youtube. She is absolutely phenomenal and I will share her tutorial videos here because they are so good.

For the galaxy cookies, I followed this tutorial. I took five icing colours: black, blue (royal blue by Americolour), purple, pink (I used fuscia by Americolour), and white. I tried out all of the galaxies featured in SweetAmbs’ videos. I think my favourite is the one  with white piped down the middle (the rightmost cookie is an example of this).


I used my small offset spatula for this, and I think if I try the cookies again I’d want a slightly smaller tool to mix the colours a little better. It also became apparent fairly quickly that smaller stars look much better (compare the two cookies on the far left to the middle cookie to see what I mean), so I switched to my #00 tip instead of a #2 to give nice dainty stars.

For the latte art cookies, I added a small amount of espresso powder to my royal icing to help tint it a pale brown, and to give it a nice coffee flavour. I needed a little extra brown food colouring to deepen the colour (it was a bit too yellow with just the espresso).

For the designs, I again followed SweetAmbs’ tutorial, using a mix of dark brown, light brown, and white.


In addition, I tried out a few strings of hearts. This pattern is deceptively easy; simply pipe on a few circles (in increasing sizes) and drag a scribe tool or toothpick through them to produce the heart shape.

As a bonus, I made a few small heart shaped cookies with  my remaining cookie dough. For these, I opted for another string of hearts. I filled the cookies with a solid colour, then placed small white dots around the border. Again, the heart shape was easy to create; starting at the top, I went around the cookie counter-clockwise, finishing with a small curled “tail” at the end of the final heart.


I had a lot of fun experimenting with new royal icing decorating techniques, and I’m excited to continue trying these designs in the future. The galaxy cookies especially turned out much better than I’d ever imagined they would – the only downside is that they dye your mouth purple and black! But it’s still a price I’m willing to pay for such a cool looking cookie.


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