Chocolate Truffle Filled Cake

A friend of mine just turned 30 so I made her a chocolate cake for her birthday party this weekend. She’s a big fan of chocolate, and I wanted to do something extra rich and chocolatey this year.

I started with a devil’s chocolate food cake, which I cut into four thin layers (about half a centimeter tall). While my cake was in the oven, I melted chocolate, cream, and butter together as I would for truffles (with both white and dark chocolates), and set aside these mixes in the fridge to cool. For the outside of the cake, I used my favourite chocolate buttercream recipe (courtesy of Cupcake Jemma).

Once my layers were cool, it was on to the fun part – assembly. I discovered that a flat baking tray works pretty well as a cake lifter, which was a very good thing because these layers were very thin and therefore very delicate.

I decided to alternate layers of dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Because most of my baking takes place late in the evening when my schedule allows me a few free hours, I didn’t let my truffle fillings set for quite long enough, so to be on the safe side I piped a border of chocolate frosting around the edge of the cake to make sure everything stayed in place.

I started by filling the bottom layer with the dark chocolate truffle filling:


Then a second layer of cake, followed by the white chocolate truffle filling (this one was a bit too thin; I think next time I need to cut down on the cream even more):


I did just a thin coat of the chocolate buttercream on the outside, since this cake is already overloaded with chocolate and I didn’t want to make it too sweet.

I had some leftover white chocolate ganache, so I made a little dark chocolate ganache to do a two-colour drip. I covered the top in the chocolate ganache, then dripped the white ganache over top along the edge of the cake.


The cake would have probably been good here, but I wanted to add a little extra to the top. I sprinkled chocolate chips around the outside edge of the cake, then piped some extra buttercream in the centre with a star tip and a round tip. I didn’t fully like the look of the buttercream in the middle, so I sifted over a little cocoa powder to finish off the look.


Luckily, I’ll get to eat this cake, so I’m really looking forward to digging in to this tomorrow.


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