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Hi there! I’m Rebecca, a home baker in Ottawa, and a lover of all things chocolate and sugary. Growing up with a nut allergy, it was always tough sitting out at birthday parties while my friends ate cake, so I started to bake for myself and my friends on birthdays and special events. Finally, I knew that these beautiful birthday treats were safe to eat!

I make nut-free cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more! I’ve also expanded to vegan and gluten-free baking (though, careful as I am,  I can’t guarantee traces in my small kitchen).

I’ll be posting (and selling) my baked goods as they become available. Send me an email at sprinkle.and.dot@gmail.com to inquire about an available item, or to request one. I can provide custom iced cookies and cakes to fit your needs 🙂


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